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The Peel app cannot find the Peel cable

posted this on February 11, 2011 11:20

During setup, if the Peel app cannot find the Peel cable, you see the “Can't Find Peel Cable” error message.


Possible causes are:

  • The Peel cable is not connected to the Internet.
  • The Peel cable and your iPhone are not on the same wireless network.
  • The Peel cable is not connected to power.
  • The Peel cable is connected to a subnet router rather than the same wireless router as your iPhone.

The Peel Cable is not connected to the Internet

The LED light on your Peel cable shows cable status. When you first plug it in to the power source, the light is blue, showing that power is on. Once you plug the cable into an available Ethernet port on your wireless router and an Internet connection is made, the light is green.

If the light remains blue when you plug it into the wireless router, try plugging it into a different port on the wireless router.

If the light remains blue after trying a different port on the router, make sure the Internet connection to your router is working properly.

If it continues to remain blue, unplug Peel cable from router, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in.

The Peel cable and your iPhone are not on the same wireless network

Your iPhone and the Peel cable must be connected to the same wireless network to communicate with each other.

To check the name of your Wi-Fi connection, tap Settings on your iPhone. The Wi-Fi option shows your network name. Make sure this is the same network name that the Peel cable uses.

The Peel cable is not connected to power

If the LED does not light up, make sure that it is correctly connected to a power source.

The Peel cable is connected to a subnet router

Be sure to plug the Peel cable directly into the wireless router and not into another device connected between the wireless router and the Internet.

A subnet (short for "subnetwork") is an identifiably separate part of a network. Wireless devices connected to a wireless subnet can only access resources on the same subnet and the Internet. They cannot access resources that are on the same network but not in the subnet. For example, your wireless router may be connected to a DSL modem or other router with Ethernet ports. Make sure the Peel cable is connected directly to the wireless router.


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When I went to add the Input Code for my TV, Peel did find the correct code. I went through 1-9 still no luck, what do I do now?

November 01, 2012 09:13
User photo

Does the peel work with Time Capsule? Has not worked for me in months... : / kinda sad...

June 22, 2012 21:35
User photo

The peel don't work at all. Have green light and the app says that can not find the network, what scam

February 27, 2012 08:43
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David kindler

The Peel info isn't completely complete :).   Perhaps I'm the only person on the planet with WIRED router.   I had a network HUB with my blu ray and peel, but had to upgrade to a network SWITCH to handle streaming media, etc.    With the HUB the peel banana had proper green light/blue light function.  As soon as I upgraded to the SWITCH I got the dreaded "cannot find peel cable" message.    However, I pressed on...I reset the app on my iphone, and reset the peel from scratch.   Despite the fact that the peel banana always shows GREEN everything works perfectly.    So the discussion about subnets, etc by Peel must not be the full story.    I think many people fall into the same category as my setup..i.e.  wired video watching to their router instead of wireless.   It would be interesting to hear an official comment from Peel on my workaround.... perhaps others are giving up and returning their Peels because the damn light won't go to blue...   I could care less what color the light is, as long as my Peel is working...and it I'm a happy camper!

February 26, 2012 09:20
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Lewis paugh jr
Reset your peel app!! Peel was working until I unplugged the power to the peel cable. After plugging back in, the app kept saying it could not find the cable. Reset router, switched ports and nothing worked. Finally reset the app from the settings menu and it started working again. Had to re set up all the devices it controlled but it works again. Hope this helps.
February 04, 2012 10:05
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Very light light on....on same wifi network and the router is powering a VOIP phone as can find peel cable.  What to do but return the item?

November 04, 2011 15:27
User photo

The peel support team confirmed to me today that the Peel product does not work with the Airport Express, despite the affirmative comment above that all you need is a switch.  Note to Peel: Perform a QA process before you post information to your website. 

May 12, 2011 21:35
User photo

When I first bought Peel, everything worked properly but I did have to reset the power to the Peel cable a couple of times when the iPhone app couldn't find the cable.  Now, the blue light is always on.  Everything else is exactly the same as before when Peel worked and I've already tried the following:

Different ports on router (airport extreme)

power toggled router, cable modem and peel cable

nothing is working, the light is still blue

May 05, 2011 08:42