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Jithin September 30, 2013 7 Peel Help / Announcements

For all our Brazil users, during the set up, please enter only the initial 5 digits for your zipcode instead of the full zipcode.

For e.g 79013  instead of the full zipcode 79013340

This will list out all the available service providers for your zipcode. Do not enter the entire 8 digit zipcode. This is a known bug and we are working on the fix.

Please refer below screenshots:

B1.png B2.png B3.png

If your service provider is still not listed, please let us know and we will look into it.

Jithin Jan 16 Peel Help / Troubleshooting

TV Service Provider Not Shown:

If you do not see your service provider in our app, please raise a ticket with the following details for us to resolve your issue.
-Region or Country
-Zipcode or postal code (If applicable) or Region and Subregion (If applicable)
-Name of the service provider

Please refer below screenshots to raise a ticket:

300.1.png 300.2.png 300.3.png 300.4.png 300.5.png 300.6.png

If you are using an antenna or not subscribed to any service provider, please select OTA (Over the Air)

Meanwhile, please reset the app select "Other Countries/Regions" so that you can use the remote functionality of app to control your devices. We will let you know once we have an update.

To reset the app:

1. Go to Device Settings
2. Tap on More
3. Tap on Application Manager
4. Swipe left to ALL section
5. Select Samsung WatchOn app and tap on Clear data, Clear Cache and Force Stop.
6. Relaunch the app and select Other Countries/Region and proceed to setup.

1__1_.png 2.png

If you still face any issues, please write us to

Jithin Jan 09 Peel Help / FAQs for Samsung WatchON and Peel Smart Remote

SAMSUNG WATCHON Frequently Asked Questions




1. My country isn’t listed. What should I do?

Ans: We currently support around 60 countries globally. If your country is not listed here, then please note that we are feverishly working in making our app available to many more countries. Meanwhile, you can still use our app as a remote Control by selecting the option “Other Countries/Regions” during the setup.

Refer below link for more details:

2. I have an antenna at my home but I don’t see that option in the app. What should I do?

Ans: Please select OTA (Over the Air) option.

3. My Service Provider isn’t listed. What should I do?

Ans: Some service providers are also referred with other names in different regions. For e.g: Suddenlink-> Cequel III, LLC.

Optimum ->    Cable vision

Sure west-> Consolidated Communications

 If you’re service provider is still missing, please tap on “My Service Provider is missing” and make sure that you mention your TV service provider name and your region Zip Code.


4. What should I do to correct the channel line-up which is incorrectly set?

Ans: For few service providers like Comcast, there are multiple channel line ups in certain regions. In this case, make sure you select the right option if the channel is reflecting, on particular channel number, while setting the app. If you’ve already set it up incorrectly, please go to Settings in the app and select Rooms.


5.  Why is my Set-top box not working with the app?

Ans: Some of the set-top boxes are set to receive RF signals whereas the WatchON app works in IR mode. In this cases, please check in the manual of your box to set it to IR mode.


6.Why my AV receiver/Stereo is not reflecting on the app?

Ans: This will happen if you skip the setup of setting the inputs for the AV receivers/stereo. Please go to Settings>My Room> Select Watch TV. From here you can configure the inputs.


7. How can I add another TV in the app?

Ans: In order to add another TV, you will need to add another Room. Tap on the Menu and select Settings and from here tap on “Add Room”. From here, you can setup another TV.Please refer the below screenshot:


8. Why am I unable to delete the devices without resetting the app?

Ans: You can delete additional devices like the AV receiver, Blu Ray player and DVD player but not the devices, like the TV and set-top box, which are to be configured during the initial setup. For TV and STB’s, you will have to reset the app and relaunch the app with a new set up.


9. How to update my WatchON app?

Ans: Please Go to Google Play store and type WatchON in the Search Window. 

Here, you can select the WatchON app and tap on update to get the latest version.


10. Is my Samsung Galaxy S3 compatible with WatchON app?

Ans: The Samsung WatchON app requires an IR blast in the device to send the codes. Since this is not available on the S3, unfortunately, it is not compatible with our app.



Jithin November 21, 2013 Peel Help / Troubleshooting

We support most of the models for our listed brands on the app. If you are unable to pair your device with any of our IR codes on the app, please follow these steps below :

1. Go to your Device Settings and tap on More
2. Select Application Manager and Swipe to left till you get ALL section.
3. Swipe down and select Samsung WatchOn app.
4. Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data
5. Tap on Force Stop.
This would have cleared your previous setup details. Now you can try and complete the setup again and it should work.

If you're still having issues, once you launch  the app, you can raise a ticket by the following steps: Settings>>Select Send Comment or Get Help>> Select Send comment via Email.
Please ensure to provide the model number. This will help us to get the required details to investigate and try to resolve the issue as early as possible.

Please let us know of your feedback or if you have any further concerns  at

Jithin November 19, 2013 Peel Help / Announcements

We are happy to inform that we have added following list of countries to our app.

Here is the list of new countries we added:

Saudi Arabia

Now you can also use the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) along with the remote functionality.  

If you run into any issues, please write us to